The Hidden Costs Of Sexual Harassment: Are You Getting Blindsided?

Most cost discussions of sexual harassment focus on lawsuits and legal fees. Those expenses are exorbitant. While a sexual harassment overhaul is incredibly expensive, it costs less than lawsuits and legal fees.

However, just like a quarterback getting blindsided by a cornerback who sneaks in undetected, you may be getting blindsided by the hidden costs of sexual harassment.

Internal Costs of Sexual Harassment

  1. Direct – Wasted salaries, legal fees, decreased profits, and increased rework
  2. Indirect – Decreased quality, increased sick days, toxic company culture, poor employee morale, and employee turnover.

External Costs of Sexual Harassment

  1.  Direct – Bad publicity.

  2.  Indirect – Loss of goodwill and poor reputation.

Lawsuits and legal fees are just the tip of a huge sexual harassment iceberg.