Sexual Harassment Is NOT A Women’s Issue

  • It’s a profitability issue.
  • It’s a quality issue.
  • It’s a productivity issue.
  • It’s a management issue.
  • It’s an employee issue.
  • It’s an accountability issue.
  • It’s a business issue

Sexual harassment programs are broken. The women’s issue approach of the last 20 years has not fixed the problem. Companies have repeatedly focused on teaching women how to identify sexual harassment and how to respond to harassment. Current bestsellers tout how women should “take their power back.” This approach is the tail wagging the dog.

Sexual harassment is first and foremost a profitability issue. Money is being wasted on harassers’ salaries, benefits, and poor quality work. The focus should not be on the recipients of the harassment.

The focus belongs on the harassers who are daily costing organizations valuable profits.

The focus belongs on tracking meaningful metrics that bring to light the monetary costs of sexual harassment and a broken, ineffective company culture.Company leaders have to step up, confront, and remove harassers.

The focus belongs on developing policies, procedures, and practices that eliminate sexual harassment the first time it occurs.The focus belongs on developing company cultures based on respect, appreciation, and profitability that do not tolerate sexual harassment.

When senior management holds harassers accountable for their actions and wasting of resources, the company culture is reinvented. Once leaders focus on the right areas, costs will decrease and profits will increase.

The problem is sexual harassment. The solution is creating vibrant, thriving profitable organizations.