Sexual Harassment Explained: How To Save Money & Increase Profits


As a leader, you must address sexual harassment if you want to be successful. Sexual harassment costs a significant amount of money and reduces the long-term profitability of companies. If your company isn’t profitable, it will fail. If your non-profit, governmental organization, or small business isn’t successful, it will fail.

Sexual Harassment Explained is a short and succinct book that can be read in less than 1 hour, written by Thea Ducrow, Ph.D. in 2018 to help leaders understand the motivation, mannerisms and methods used by sexual harassers. She also presents permanent and effective fixes.

Dr. Ducrow isan expert in helping companies reduce the known and hidden costs of sexual harassment while increasing profits. She began delivering sexual harassment training in the 1990’s, when the need for sexual harassment training was less obvious.

Now, organizations realize that it’s in their best interest to address sexual harassment immediately and develop work environments free from sexual harassment.

Profits increase when employees enjoy a positive work environment. Employees are happier, more productive, and stay longer if they feel respected and appreciated.

Despite what you hear in the media, Dr. Ducrow has two key messages for you as a business leader:

  1. The problem of sexual harassment is easy to understand.

  2. The solution is simple and easy to implement.

Most professionals are aware of the legal costs of sexual harassment. However, the legal fees pale in comparison to the real costs of sexual harassment: wasted salaries, decreased profits, decreased quality, increased rework, increased sick days, having a negative company culture, and other hidden costs.

Sexual harassers are bad employees overall. They are often bullies who spend their days harassing others while not doing their own work. Harassers are spending their paid company time to harass. Harassers are using the company’s time, energy, and staffing budgets to facilitate their harassing.

The solution to sexual harassment is to develop a company culture focused on respect, appreciation, and profitability.

Sexual harassment is a profitability problem. The solution is creating vibrant, thriving profitable companies.